Thanks for the help

Romans 12, is a ministry dedicated to serving our church leaders; pastors, worship leaders, and missionaries. A common need for these leaders is temporary accommodation when they are between assignments. There are 2 ways you can help; as a host or by renting your house to Romans 12.

As a host, you will be the interface between our guests and the home owner. Romans 12 will provide any funds you need to make our guests welcome. (Gift Baskets, Restaurant Gift Cards, SVE Dues payments, …)

As a home owner, we think this is a win/win situation; our church leaders get a great place to stay and you get the best tenants imaginable. Romans 12 will pay for utilities, professional cleaning service, plus your asking rate (indicated below). Romans 12 is a 501c3 organization and any difference between market rate and what you receive is tax deductible. In addition, one of our SVE neighbors will serve as host ensuring any issues are quickly addressed. A candidate lease agreement is available here.

Let us know how we can serve better.
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